eD-H: Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s new Electronic Health Record

Dartmouth-Hitchcock is committed to achieving its vision of the healthiest population possible. The April 2, 2011 launch of eD-H, Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s new electronic health record, brings us closer to meeting this vision. eD-H is the next generation of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s electronic health record. It brings 14 different systems into one comprehensive system, offering many benefits for improving the health of our patients. Most importantly, it will improve how your Dartmouth-Hitchcock health care team works together - leading to an even higher quality of care.

For the first few weeks in April, when we launch eD-H, you may experience some delays during your visit as our staff get used to this new system. You may also notice extra staff near and around your doctor’s office. They are there to help your provider use the new system. We apologize in advance for any delays you may experience and thank you for choosing Dartmouth-Hitchcock for your health care.

This information was prepared to help you understand eD-H.

What is an electronic health record (EHR)?
An EHR is a comprehensive collection of your medical information stored in a central location. Your EHR includes information about past medical appointments, diagnostic testing and lab results, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, prescriptions, allergies, immunizations and other medical facts. It also includes digitized X-rays and other diagnostic scan images, such as CT scans or MRI. Your EHR should contain everything there is to know about your medical history.
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What are the benefits of an EHR?
Dartmouth-Hitchcock is committed to providing even better, safer care that can contribute to lower health care costs. eD-H will help make this happen. As a Dartmouth-Hitchcock patient you will have one medical record that will follow you throughout our Lebanon, Manchester, Nashua and other regional locations. Your Dartmouth-Hitchcock doctors and other members of your health care team will have your complete history at hand so you won’t need to repeat information to multiple people. You should, however, expect that your clinicians will confirm and review the information in your record.

  • Safety: As with our previous EHR, instructions, results and orders are displayed in printed type, not handwritten, so information is always clear. Drug interactions and allergies are also noted on the record.
  • Even better coordination of care: The many professionals who may be involved in your care can easily access your medical information and update it every time you have an appointment, emergency room visit or hospital stay.
  • More personalized care: review your electronic health record, communicate with your health care team, pay your medical bills and more, with our safe and secure patient portal - myD-H
  • Cost-effectiveness: Tests may not need to be duplicated when existing and previous results are easily accessible by your health care team.
  • More tools to manage your health: After every outpatient visit or hospital stay, you will receive a summary of your most recent Dartmouth-Hitchcock visit as well as related health information to help you manage your health.
  • Emergency care: Your EHR may reflect your wants, needs and treatments even when you might not be able to remember or speak for yourself.

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What changes can I expect during my visit with a Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider?
To ensure that your medical information is kept up to date, your provider will update your EHR during your appointment using a laptop computer. Members of your health care team may already be doing this.
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Who can see what’s in my EHR?
Any Dartmouth-Hitchcock physician or other provider who is involved in your care has access to your EHR as authorized by you upon registration or hospital admission. All of the data in the EHR is encrypted, so anyone who is not authorized to see your information won’t be allowed access. Your records are used by your health care team to ensure that you are provided with comprehensive and coordinated care. Your health care team is defined as physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians and any other staff who are involved in your care.
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Can my doctors and other members of my health care team who are not part of Dartmouth-Hitchcock also access my EHR?
Yes. Many community physicians who are involved in your care and who refer you to Dartmouth-Hitchcock will be able to access your electronic health record through a web-based portal called D-Hconnect. This allows them to have up to date information about your care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock when you return to them for follow up care. To ensure privacy, your provider can only access these records with your written consent, which is valid for five years.
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Can I see what’s in my EHR?
Yes! Dartmouth-Hitchcock has a secure online patient portal called myD-H. Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s current patient portal called Patient Online will become myD-H in April. myD-H offers patients the chance to become even more effective partners in their own health care. You can access myD-H directly on Dartmouth-Hitchcock.org or at myD-H.org. If you are currently registered with Patient Online, you can use your same username and password for myD-H.
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When you login to myD-H, you can view information in your EHR, including your providers’ notes from your appointments and your immunization records. You can also request, change or cancel appointments; request prescription renewals; view your account and pay your bill; update your health insurance information and more. You can communicate securely with members of your health care team, and you’ll have ready access to our comprehensive online medical information library.
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Can I view information in my child’s EHR?
Parents and legal guardians can have what is called ‘proxy’ access to a minor child’s EHR, but there are some limits, based on the age of the minor child and the type of information it is possible for a parent or guardian to view. Please consult with your child’s care team for more information about proxy access to a child’s EHR through myD-H.
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Can I have proxy access to my elderly parent’s EHR?
Your parent can designate you as a ‘personal representative’ which grants you proxy access to their EHR so that you can participate in their care. Designation forms are available through myD-H or at any of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Information Offices.
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How is the information in my EHR protected?
Your privacy is our concern. Dartmouth-Hitchcock complies with all privacy and security laws for the protection of health information. Should you have questions about the privacy of your health information you can request the Notice of Privacy Practices brochure which is available at any registration or information desk. You can also contact your Dartmouth-Hitchcock Privacy Office, Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

  • Lebanon: (603) 650-7110
  • Manchester: (603) 695-2531
  • Nashua: (603) 577-4030

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