Frequently Asked Questions

You can access your electronic health record through the secure myD-H portal. Your EHR includes information about past medical appointments, test results, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, prescriptions, allergies, immunizations and other information such as digitized X-rays and MRIs.

Browse our help files if you have a question. If you need technical assistance, please contact Technical Support. If you need assistance with your medical record, contact Health Information Services at your Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider's location.

Creating an account

New users

If you are a new patient, you can get a myD-H activation code during your next appointment with your provider, or you can request a code at Click on Register to create an account or request an activation code.

You will receive an email with your temporary activation code at the address you provided during online registration. Your activation code will allow you to login and create your account and password. This activation code is valid for 45 days from the time it is created.

You could also self-register if the information you provide during online registration matches information we have in our registration database. You will receive a 5 digit access code via a text message or a phone call as indicated by your preferred contact method. This access code is valid only for 20 minutes. Do not close your browser or the code will be invalidated. You can go through the same process to request a new access code if you do close your browser.

If you have any difficulty getting an activation or access code, please contact Health Information Services.

Activation and Access code

Your activation code is not your myD-H identity or password. You will use your activation code only once to log in to myD-H for the first time. This code will expire after the first time you use it, or after 45 days since its creation. When you log in to myD-H for the first time, you will need to select an email and create a password.

You can receive a 5 digit access code via text or phone call if the information you provide us matches what we have in our registration database. This access code is valid only for 20 minutes. Do not close your browser or the code will be invalidated. You can go through the same process to request a new access code if you do close your browser.

For technical support, contact Technical Support. Please note that we cannot answer medical questions, so please contact your provider directly.

System requirements

You can access myD-H from any computer connected to the Internet and an up-to-date browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox). myD-H requires your browser to have JavaScript and cookies enabled.

You can also view myD-H on a browser from a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or Droid phones. myD-H is also available as an app. Go to Apple App Store or the Android Market to download the ‘Epic MyChart’ Mobile App. See the Download the myD-H Mobile Application link to get more information.

Downloading the myD-H Mobile Application

Apple and Android App Download Guide

Follow the steps below to download and log into the myD-H mobile application. See also the myD-H Mobile App brochure. (PDF)

Note: You must have a myD-H account before logging into the mobile app.

  1. Download the free MyChart application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (search for "Epic MyChart").
  2. Select the MyChart Application.
  3. Accept the Apple or Android License Agreement.
  4. Select your location (New Hampshire or Vermont).
    Note: If your network location provider is enabled, your location will be automatically selected.
  5. Select Dartmouth-Hitchcock myD-H from the list of available health care providers.
  6. Log in using your myD-H account.

While the myD-H mobile app includes variations of myD-H features, it does not replace the web-based version of myD-H. There are certain features that patients can access only in the web-based version.

Can't share email addresses?

Your email address is your myD-H identity. Due to this change and with our security policies, you can no longer share email addresses in your myD-H account.

You have the option of using another email address for your myD-H account or switching your account to a "proxy" account if you sign the Designation of Personal Representative Form (PDF) and mail or fax to Health Information Services at your Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider's location. Learn more about proxies.

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Never use myD-H for urgent situations! Always call 911 in an emergency.

Contacting your provider

Generally the nurse who works closest with your provider will read the message first. The nurse will then discuss your message with your provider and respond to you appropriately.

You will generally receive a reply within 24 hours, except when the office is closed for weekends or holidays. Providers do not read or respond to messages when the office is closed.

Appointment requests are routed to appointment schedulers. Your provider will not see your message, so please do not include any personal health information except for the reason for your visit when you request or cancel an appointment.

I can't see my doctor to send a message to. What should I do?

myD-H allows you to send messages to a provider you have been seen by in the past. If you believe you have seen the provider and he/she is not in your drop-down menu, then contact our myD-H Technical Support for assistance. As a reminder, please remember that myD-H should not be used for urgent or acute health matters. Please contact your healthcare provider's office if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

I keep seeing upload errors when trying to send an image to my provider? What do they mean?

You have the option of loading up to 3 images in one message. Here are some common image upload errors that you may see:

  • "This file exceeds the maximum size allowed for attachments": Please reduce the file size to no larger than 5000KB before uploading again.
  • "This file does not have an allowed filename extension": You may have tried uploading a file type that is not supported. myD-H images must be one of the following: GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF or JPEG.
  • "The system timed out while waiting for your attachments to upload. Please try again": myD-H may have timed out while trying to upload your image. You may need to reduce the file size before uploading again.

What is the Your Providers... link I see on my home page?

Your Providers lists providers whom have you recently seen (in the past 2 years) during an office visit, along with quick links to request an appointment or message (if available).

Forwarding records

In order for us to send your medical records to a new physician or other provider, you need to complete and sign a special authorization form.

Sign in to myD-H and select My Health Record. Choose Request Health Records and download the form you need. Please mail, fax or hand-deliver the completed form to the address on the form.

Processing fees

There may be fees for copying your medical records. Please consult with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Records office where you plan to submit your request for details.

Renewing prescriptions

When you renew a prescription, you'll be asked to choose your preferred pharmacy from the pull-down menu. In the "Comment" section, please let us know if you want a 30- or 90-day supply, if you want the prescription sent directly to the pharmacy or mailed to your home, if you have any new allergies, or if there have been any important changes in your medical history.

Any member of your health care team might help to process your prescription renewal request, so please do not include any personal health information that you only want your provider to know. Please don't use a prescription renewal to communicate electronically with your provider on health-related matters.

Medications that were not prescribed by a Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider cannot be renewed through myD-H, even if they appear in your list. The Request Rx Renewal link won't show up in this case. Please call your provider's office directly to renew any prescription that is not in your list or for which a Request Rx Renewal link is not available.

We will process your prescription renewal request within three business days of when we receive it. Please plan ahead! Renewal requests are not processed on weekends or holidays. If you are out of your medication, call your provider's office directly.

Request to Change Address

If you have moved or wish to update your demographic(s) information (ex: preferred phone), please submit the form under Messaging-> Request to Change Address

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Medical Record

Our records draw from a variety of databases that sometimes use unfamiliar abbreviations and wording. If you have questions about any terms you see in your myD-H medical records, please contact your provider.


If you have requested a specific letter from your provider, it will be available under My Health Records, What's in My Record? Please message your provider if you are missing a letter. This applies to forms such as work/school release, statement of health, or annual physical forms.

Historical Information

Former Patient Online users may notice a change in how parts of their records are shown. In myD-H, you can see past appointment information back to October 2010 (please check specific dates below). If you can't find what you are looking for in myD-H, be assured that your complete medical record is still available in print from Health Information Services.

  • Manchester and Nashua patients: Your doctors' notes from Patient Online are available under Historical Notes in the Visits, Visit Summaries (Office Notes/ER Notes) section of myD-H. Your provider's office notes beginning in April 2011 appear in your Visit Summaries, located in the Visits section of myD-H.
  • Keene patients: Your doctors’ notes from January 2013 though November 3, 2017 in Follow My Health (FMH) are available under Historical Notes in the Visits, Visit Summaries (Office Notes/ER Notes) section of myD-H.
  • Concord patients: Your Pathology and Lab results from Concord Hospital are available under My Medical Records, Test Results.

If you have any questions about your medical record, please contact Health Information Services.


Prescriptions written by non-Dartmouth-Hitchcock providers will not appear on your medication list unless you have told your Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider and he or she has entered the information in your medical record.

Some patients may see words or abbreviations that don't make sense (for example, "CIS" or "Freetext") in their list of medications. This is a result of the data conversion from our previous electronic record. If you have any questions, please contact your provider's office directly.

If you are a caregiver of an adolescent between 12-17 years old, you can now view and request medications from their records. For privacy concerns, the medication list for this age group might not be a complete list of medications on file. This warning will appear even if it is the full list.

Your lab or diagnostic testing results

Results of your lab or other diagnostic testing (for example, blood tests, X-rays, pathology) automatically appear in your myD-H account within three business days (excluding weekends) of when your provider receives them. If you are a caregiver of an adolescent between 12-17 years old, you can now view certain non-sensitive Radiology results in myD-H. Our goal is to promptly provide you with important information from your medical record, but here are some important things to consider as you review any results that appear in myD-H:

  • Providers make every effort to review results before they are automatically released to patients, but it is possible that you will receive test results before your provider has had the opportunity to evaluate them.
  • Some results may include technical language that is not easy for you to understand, because the information is written for your health care team.
  • Results from some tests performed by outside labs are sent to your provider's office on paper, so those results will not be available here.
  • X-rays or other diagnostic images are not available in myD-H, but written notes will be available here.
  • If you have different kinds of testing done, even on a single day, all results may not be available at the same time in myD-H. Different types of diagnostic testing require different lengths of time to analyze and report. For example, if you have an X-ray or MRI scan and also have blood drawn for testing, results of those tests may arrive in your myD-H account at different times, even days apart in some cases.
  • You can click on the About this test link to learn more from our health information library.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about any test result, please call your provider's office or click on Send a message to your provider and choose Test Results Question as your subject.

I don't recognize the ordering provider, what should I do?

Sometimes tests are ordered by a member of your care team. Or a lab specimen can be read by a provider in the laboratory. Your provider will always receive your result.

I am trying to graph/trend my CBC labs and I don't see them. Why?

CBC was renamed "Hemogram" starting May 2014. You will have to graph CBC and Hemogram individually.

What is a flowsheet?

A flowsheet is where data about a specific condition is stored in your electronic chart. For example, blood pressure readings will be recorded in a blood pressure flowsheet. Your provider may send you a flowsheet through myD-H and request that you enter information from home (i.e., blood pressure readings, glucose levels). This flowsheet will be available by clicking on My Health Record-> Track My Health. Once you enter and submit the information, your provider's office will be able to review this information. Always remember to submit your readings in the intervals (daily, weekly) requested by your provider. Please note: you will only see Track My Health if your provider sends you a flowsheet.

Health articles

Our Healthwise medical encyclopedia is linked to myD-H.

  • Throughout your medical record, such as in Test Results, lab values and conditions are linked to related health articles.
  • Your printed after-visit summary has a code printed at the bottom of the page. Within myD-H, enter the code in the Search Health Library field near the Preferences tab to learn more about that issue.
  • Enter any condition, disease or other medical term in the search box at

Making changes to your record

Updating personal information

To change your password, email address or security question, select Preferences on the left side of your screen, then select the item you wish to change.

Correcting medical information

Your myD-H information comes directly from your electronic medical record at your provider's office. If you believe something is incorrect, please complete a Request for Amendment of Protected Health Information.

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Paying your bills

  • Sign in to myD-H
  • Select Billing
  • Select Billing Acct Summary
  • Select See Account Detail to view details of the bill
  • Select Pay to pay the amount due

I do not see the Pay button, what shall I do?

It is possible you don't have any amount to pay. If you have received a statement and don't see the Pay button, please send a message to Customer Service.

I have proxy access to my child, yet I don't see a bill in their record?

You will access your child's bill (age 0-11 years old) under your Billing Record. If you do not see a bill for a member of your family, it is possible they have been set up as their own guarantor. Please contact our myD-H Technical support for assistance.

Viewing your statements

As monthly statements become available, you will be able to view them in myD-H.

  • Select See Account Detail
  • Select 'Click here to view details' in the Outstanding Accounts for past bills
  • Click on a row under Statements to see statements of the bill mailed
  • Click on 'View Recent Payments' to select a date range

Contacting the Billing Department

  • Select send us a message to send a question to Customer Service.
  • For questions about specific bills, select See Account Details and Send us a Message
  • Enter in Account/Invoice Number and date of service. Enter in a message and click Send

Applying for a budget plan

  • Please send a message to customer service if you wish to apply for a budget plan

Changing your insurance provider on file

  • Select Billing
  • Select Insurance Summary
  • Select Add a Coverage
  • Fill out the form and select Submit Request
  • To delete a coverage, click on Request Removal of Insurance
  • Enter in a comment in the Comments box
  • Click Submit to send in the deletion request
  • Your information will be sent when you log out of your myD-H account.
  • Note: This information is not changed real-time. The requested information needs to be verified by the insurance department and the individual Payor.

I need to change my insurance information. How do I edit the information?

Please send in the corrected information through Add a Coverage link.

Signing up for Paperless Billing

  • Select Sign up for paperless billing
  • Select Receive e-mail notifications and/or Receive text notifications for email and text reminders for payments due
  • Check the box near the 'I understand…' statement
  • Select Sign Me Up
  • To cancel out of paperless billing, click on cancel paperless billing on the Billing Acct Summary page
  • To opt out of email and text notifications for Payment Reminders and New Statements go to Notifications under Preferences and uncheck the appropriate boxes

Why can't I set eStatements for my proxies?

  • Because the eStatement option stops mailed copies of billing statements this option can only be set by the patient/Guarantor of the account. To set eStatements, a full myD-H account needs to be established by the patient/Guarantor.

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Before an office visit, your provider may ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your current or past health. To save time on the day of your appointment and to ensure that your provider has the information well in advance of your visit, you may be able to fill out your questionnaire in myD-H.

We may ask you to fill out more than one questionnaire, depending on if we have your medical history on file.

  • The Patient Health History questionnaire asks about your medical and surgical history, as well as that of your family. You will only need to complete this form once, unless you need to make changes.
  • The other questionnaire will be condition-specific, related to your appointment (a "Pain Survey" would come from the Pain Clinic, for example).

Completing your questionnaire

Most questionnaires become available 30 days before your appointment, but some appear closer to the date of your visit. While you will not be notified when a questionnaire arrives, your three-day appointment reminder will tell you whether you still have one to complete.

You can find a link to your questionnaire in several places:

  • Message Center: Go to your Inbox and open the message. If you have a questionnaire, it will appear next to the Tasks: label.
  • Appointments: If the questionnaire is attached to an appointment, go to Upcoming Appointments. Double click the relevant visit. You'll see any questionnaires on the Appointment Details screen.
  • Questionnaires: If any questionnaires need to be completed, they will all be listed under My Health Records, Questionnaires

Each screen will guide you through the process. At any point, you may go Back or Continue with the navigation buttons, or Cancel the session without saving your answers. If you want to stop and finish later, make sure to select Save and Quit. Your questionnaire will be saved until the time and day of your appointment.

If you left your computer for more than 30 minutes and it timed out, logging you out from the system, just log in again. Your results will have been automatically saved, but the questionnaire won't open where you left off. Navigate to the last screen you were working on, and continue from there.

Sending your results

  • When you are finished, you will see a list of all your answers. You can review and change them before sending the questionnaire to your provider. Just click the pencil icon next to any answer you wish to change.
  • When you have submitted your answers, you will receive confirmation that the questionnaire is on its way. Don't forget to complete the second questionnaire, if there is one.
  • If you would like to see how you answered a questionnaire you have already sent, you can find it in the Sent Messages folder in the Message Center. At the top of the questionnaire, you'll also see whether your provider has read your answers yet.

Make sure you hit the Submit button when you are finished! Your provider won't receive the questionnaire unless you do.

If you complete your questionnaire at home, you do not need to come at that early arrival time unless the earlier time is also for a nurse workup or you have been specifically asked to come early to meet a member of your care team.

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Proxy accounts

Proxy access allows a parent, guardian, or other legally authorized adult to log into their own myD-H account and then connect to the account of a family member or another person.

Please note: If you are a custodial parent, guardian or other legally-authorized adult, and are requesting a proxy account, you are required to submit to D-H a copy of your court appointed guardianship documentation before your request for proxy can be considered.

Until this documentation is received and evaluated, your request for a proxy account cannot be processed.

Examples of required documentation:

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPOH)
  • Guardianship Appointments (Guardianship Documentation)
  • Designation of Personal Representative (D-H document)
  • Custody Papers

Types of proxy accounts

Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers two types of proxy access:

  • Full Proxy Access: This option allows you to see all items that appear in another person's myD-H account. Patients over age 18 can appoint any other adult as a proxy as long as they have a Designation of Personal Representative form (link to form found here: on file. Full proxy access is also available to parents and legal guardians of children under age 12 (Guardianship papers are required if you are the legal guardian).
  • Limited Proxy Access: This option is available to parents and legal guardians for their children ages 12 to 17. Limited proxy access allows you to see your child's allergies, immunizations, upcoming appointments and letters.

Child, birth to age 11

A parent or legal guardian may have full access to a child's health record. Access may include Medications List, Test Results, After-visit Summary, and Problem List.

Child, age 12-17

Information available through this type of proxy access is limited as required by law. Some health record information, such as allergies and immunizations, may be available to parents or legal guardians.

Adult, age 18+

With proper legal documentation, any person may authorize another adult to have full access to some or all of the information in their health record. Often this type of proxy account is used by a person for an elderly parent, but it can be for a spouse, another family member, or any other adult. A properly completed and signed Designation of Personal Representative Form (PDF) is required.

Diminished-capacity adult, age 18+

With proper legal documentation, an adult may have full access to the health record of an adult family member or any unrelated adult who is of diminished mental capacity and not able to be fully responsible for their own care. Appropriate legal documentation (such as Guardianship orders, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, a court order, or an advance directive) must be on file with Dartmouth-Hitchcock in order for us to process this type of proxy account.

Please note: Dartmouth-Hitchcock reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis, to reduce or increase access to health record information through proxy accounts in accordance with state and federal law.

Creating a proxy account

Once you have logged into your own myD-H account, in My Health Records, under Medical Tools, you will see Request Proxy. Fill out the form and a representative will let you know within 24 to 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) if your request has been approved.

Using a proxy account

Proxy accounts work the same way your account does, but to communicate with your family member's providers, you'll have to log into your account and then enter their proxy account to send a message, rather than send a message from your own account. myD-H offers direct access to your personal health record only. If you try to communicate about another person, this information would incorrectly appear in your health record.

Spouses may not share one account. It is up to you how you choose to share your personal medical information.

Accessing an authorized proxy account

  • Sign in to myD-H.
  • Select a tab from the right side and choose the name of the patient whose record you want to enter.
  • A disclaimer page will tell you that you are entering another person's medical record. Review the disclaimer and click Continue.
  • When you're in a family member's record, you can navigate just as you do in your own myD-H account.
  • Select your tab to return to your record.

Further help

If you have questions about proxy accounts or want to create a proxy account, please contact Health Information Services.

For technical support, contact the Technical Support. We cannot answer medical questions; please contact your provider directly.

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Appointments and Referrals


Some departments and providers are allowing patients to directly schedule certain types of appointments (ex: Physical Exam) as long as they have been seen by that provider or their team in the past 2 years. If you do not see a department and/or provider under the Directly Schedule an Appointment link, you can always request an appointment through the Request Other Appointment link.

Request a Referral

If you wish to submit a referral request please fill out the form Request a Referral under the Referrals menu. Once the information is entered into the system it will appear under Referral Status. Please contact Referral services by clicking on the Contact Referral Services department in the Referrals Status screen.

Cancelling Appointments

For most appointment except some Radiology and HemOnc appointments, you can cancel 12 hours before the time of your scheduled appointment. You will need to contact your provider’s office directly by telephone if you need to cancel less than 12 hours in advance. Please follow the cancellations policies established by your provider.

Confirming Appointments

You can confirm your appointment a week before the appointment date. If you confirm through myD-H, you will not receive a phone call confirming the same appointment.

Appointment Reminders

You will receive Appointment reminder messages through myD-H, 7 days and 1 day before the appointment date. You can also request additional Appointment reminders by selecting between 2 days and up to 1 hour of your appointment by setting up your preference under Preferences, Notifications, Appointment Updates.


With PreCheck-In, you can confirm appointments, update insurance, pay copays for certain visits and fill out questionnaires up to a week before your appointments. When you PreCheck-in, it reduces time at the registration desk on the day of your appointment. However you will still be asked at least 2 forms of identification such as name, address or phone #. To start your PreCheck-in process, double click on the relevant appointment under Visits, Upcoming Appointment. Scroll to the PreCheck-in section and begin the process by clicking on Update Information.

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Can't log in?

  • Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case sensitive.
  • Make sure you do not enter extra spaces in either your email or password boxes and try again.
  • Make sure you are logging in with the email you used when you activated your account, even if that email is now obsolete for you. Once you log in with that email, you can change it to your new email under Preferences.
  • If you have forgotten your password, select I forgot my password.
  • Try to remove the cache from your browser.
  • Make sure your browser cookies are allowed for

Forgot password?

From the main login page, select I forgot my password. You will be prompted with the password question you entered when you first created your account. After correctly answering this question, you will be able to create a new password. If you need additional assistance, please Contact Technical Support and someone will contact you shortly during normal business hours. Passwords should be at least 6 letters with 2 numbers.

Bumped from the system?

We want to protect your privacy and the security of your information. If your keyboard is idle for 30 minutes or more when you are logged into myD-H, you will automatically be logged out. Any unsaved information you have typed will be lost. We recommend that you log out of your myD-H session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

Not receiving email and/or text alerts?

Alerts are sent out if new information (test results, messages, estatements, AVS, requested records) appears in myD-H. If you are not receiving alerts, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Please make sure you signed up for these alerts under Preferences-> Notifications. Each alert message has its own subject header; such as 'New Test Results' or 'Your After Visit Summary'. 'New Messages' can be messages from your provider's office, appointment reminders or public health messages.
  2. You put in an incorrect email address or mobile number. Click on Preference -> Change Email Address to make sure the information is correct. Make changes to your mobile number on the Notifications page.
  3. Email alerts are being viewed as junk mail or spam by your computer. Look in your junk mail or spam folder for email alerts from If you see some messages there, you'll want to change the settings on your email filter so that it allows messages from to pass through (i.e., make myD-H a "safe" address, add to your address book, etc.). This is called "whitelisting." For more specific instructions, try this website.

If you have checked the settings and you still are not receiving email alerts, please contact our myD-H Technical Support for assistance.

App asking for private information?

On downloading the myD-H app, it needs the following information:

  • Device and App History
    • Device – For error tracking, some errors can only happen on certain devices and certain operating system versions, so we track this to determine issue causes
    • App – This is for version checking of the app itself to determine if the version is up to date
  • Location
    • Determining the user's location so that, when asked, it can provide a map and directions to a particular address (for ex in the Appointment details)
  • Phone
    • To be able to link out to the telephone (for ex in the Appointment details)
  • Photos/Media/Files
    • To upload currently saved photos (or videos) (for ex in the Get Medical Advice request)
  • Camera/Microphone
    • To take pictures to upload (for ex in the Get Medical Advice request)

With the Android the warning about downloading the above information comes upon download. In the iPhone version, we are able to provide this disclaimer per each point when the app needs the data (for example, when you click on directions, it will then ask you "MyChart Mobile needs access to your location"), which can help provide context. However for Android, this disclaimer can only come when the app is downloaded, so all 5 points are shown at once without context. This is how the Android requires that we push the app out.

Patient privacy is not being invaded. The data is only being used for the functionality described above.

Locked after 3 failed password attempts?

Internet security best practices limit the number of failed login attempts a user can make before their account is locked. This practice helps prevent rapid-fire / automated attempts from malicious people trying to gain access to your account. myD-H is not alone in having such a rule governing failed login attempts.

Three general reasons for lockouts:

  • Stale cached credentials: whenever you change your password, your old password may still be "remembered" (cached) on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Human error: mistyping your username or password, forgetting your username or password, not noticing a previous user is showing in a login box, etc.
  • Malicious intent: a computer or person deliberately trying to gain unauthorized access to your account.

How to Get Unlocked

Since myD-H accounts will be locked following 3 or more failed login attempts within a 15-minute period, you have the following options to unlock your account:

  • Wait 15 minutes and try again. The failed login attempt counter will automatically reset to zero once 15 minutes have passed since your first failed attempt.
  • If you need immediate access to your account, try the self-service link: I forgot my password.
  • If neither solution works, please Contact Technical Support.

Further help

Technical support is available by selecting Contact Us on the main login page or at the bottom of each page. Please note that we cannot help patients with health-related issues; please call your provider directly.

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Contact Technical Support

Technical support

If you are experiencing problems trying to access your myD-H account or have other questions about myD-H, contact Technical Support.

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Contact Us About Your Medical Record

Questions about your medical record

If you have questions about your medical record, contact Health Information Services at your Dartmouth-Hitchcock provider's location.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord
253 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 229-5142
Fax: (603) 229-5146
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene
590 Court Street
Keene, NH 03430
Phone: (603) 354-5453
Fax: (603) 354-5452
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 650-7110
Fax: (603) 650-6332
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua
2300 Southwood Drive
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: (603) 577-4037
Fax: (603) 577-4039
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester
100 Hitchcock Way
Manchester, NH 03104
Phone: (603) 695-2820
Fax: (603) 695-2536

Privacy Policy: myD-H is fully compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy. Your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given your health records and will never be sold or leased by Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Read through our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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myD-H Mobile App Troubleshooting Guide

Disclaimer: While the myD-H mobile app includes variations of myD-H features, it does not replace the web-based version of myD-H. There are certain features that patients can access only in the web-based version.

I can't sign into the mobile app.

Make sure you have an active myD-H account. You cannot sign into the app if you do not have an active account. To get a myD-H account, sign up at

My username and password is correct, but an error screen still appears.

login error

  1. Make sure you can log into the website before you send us an email via the Contact Us link on the website.
  2. If the error continues, please indicate in the Contact Us form if you have any special characters in your password, for example: ^

I am locked out of the app because I forgot my username/password.

locked out error

Please use the Forgot Password or Forgot Username link on the website. Please do not contact your health care provider to reactivate your account. If the self-service links do not work, please send us an email via the Contact Us form on the website.

Every time I try to connect via my mobile device, I get a network error.

  1. Make sure you have the wireless connection on your mobile device turned ON.
  2. If your wireless connection is ON, power off the device. It is possible something is "cached" in memory. For example, if multiple members of the same family use the same device, the device can get confused with switching usernames.
  3. Select Send the report if you continue to see the following error:
    On Apple:
    network error Apple

    On Android:
    connection error Android

    server error Android
  4. Go to the website and submit the date/time of the error in the Contact Us form.
    Note: You cannot send the report.

I am a Concord and/or Keene patient. Can I use the app?

Yes, the app is available for all locations.

Why do I receive the Terms and Conditions before I log into the app? I already signed them on the website.

The Terms and Conditions are specific to the mobile app and are slightly different than the Terms and Conditions you signed on the website.

Terms and Conditions

Why do I get this warning if I wish to send a message to my provider?

Message Warning

You cannot send a message to a provider if you have not had a previous visit with them.

What do the numbers on the icons indicate?

Numbers on Icons

These numbers indicate the number of unread items in each of those categories (Test results and Messages).

What do the blue lines or dots on certain rows indicate?

Apple Blue DotsAndroid Blue Lines

The blue dots or lines indicate new and unread items.

How do I delete a message from an Apple or Android device?

On an Apple device:

  1. Swipe over the row with the message on it.
    A red Delete button appears.
    Apple Delete messages
  2. Select the red Delete button to delete the message.

On an Android device:

  1. Select the message you wish to delete.
    The following message appears:
    Android Delete Messages
  2. Select Delete to delete the message.

I cannot view my office notes on the app.

Office notes are not available through the app. Please log into your account at:

How can I request an appointment?

Click on Appointments, Schedule an Appointment. Select the option 'Directly Schedule an Appointment' or 'Request an Appointment'
Note: Not all providers, departments and visit types are allowed in direct scheduling. You can directly schedule your appointment if you have seen the participating provider in the past 2 years.

Why can't I see my profile pictures when I switch devices? For example, signing in on my phone and my tablet.

Profile pictures are specific to the local device you are using. We do not store your images on our server.

Can I pay my bills through the app?

Yes you can view and pay your bills through the app.

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